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Data for Equity

COVID 19 has highlighted differential access to services for Black and Indigenous peoples and other marginalized communities. Findhelp|211 Central is working to improve our resource information to enhance access to services and improve service navigation for communities with specific social service needs.

Be Yourself, See Yourself is building off the learnings from a previous pilot project by providing capacity building on social identity data collection and the opportunity to test the survey tool developed in the original pilot across the community and social services sector.

The project’s aim is to assist the social services sector in furthering their learning on best practices, so that they may better support equity-seeking communities. Additionally, this pilot will support the sector to determine what changes are needed to implement social identity data collection more broadly.

This pilot is being funded by The City of Toronto, Ontario Trillium Foundation and United Way Greater Toronto and is being implemented from October 2021 to December 2022.

Agencies are invited to join a movement of local agencies working together to collectively learn how to collect and use social identity data. The goal of this collective learning journey is to increase our voice as a community social services sector, and together enhance individual agencies’ capacity around social identity data collection. It is our hope that this data will also provide an opportunity for the people you serve to have new ways to be heard and seen.

Partnership is Key

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