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About Findhelp

Our Vision:

People Connected. Communities Strengthened.

We act as a ‘front door’ to the complex system of human, social and health services (including crisis response) through multilingual 211 services and specialty lines.

We provide public access to information and community and social services through helplines, web directories, and specialized tools and training to navigate people towards the support they are seeking.

Our Values:

Service to Others; Accountable; Partnership; Diversity

Deeply committed to constant improvement, learning and expanding impact in collaboration with our funders, partners, those who we serve and those who don’t access our services

Evolve our offerings in order to best support clients including call diversions, crisis de-escalation, follow up calls, text and chat

Build impact through strategic partnerships, collaboration and innovation and collaborate with a strong network of 100+ partners across North America

Actively engage others across North America to learn about other best practices and identify ways to scale innovative solutions to the challenges facing our sector

Our Advantage:

Expertise, Quality and Commitment

We provide highly skilled, accredited system navigation to people seeking support through crisis protocols, anti oppression and trauma informed frameworks

Impact and Reach

250,000 supported

By phone, chat, text, email, follow-up

Free and confidential

Priority focus on vulnerable populations

Follow Up, Advocacy & Safety

For priority poulations


available languages through interpretation services


Priority languages spoken by Findhelp staff

Operational Excellence

90% +

Through an
automated, live
feedback quality
assurance system

100 %
InformUSA certified

We are InformUSA

Trained on Mental
Health Recognition, Response and Suicide De-escalation

Through various

Our Innovations and Collaborations

Collaborating on the development of new technologies

● 211 Canada API
● Search Portal Platform
● Data Analysis and Export Platform
● Data Request and Tracking Portal
● TCCS Dispatch Portal
● Data blending with ConnexOntario and
● Self-Service BI tools

Supporting staff across Canada

● 24/7 IT support for staff in ON, NB, NL
● Website support for 15+ search portals
● Fulfill data requests and BI reports
● Provide a platform for 211 partners to intake clients
● Assist API users with implementation issues
● Work directly with vendors on technical
issues and new features

Supporting partners

● Working with our partners, and using the
Findhelp data sharing infrastructure, we are
facilitating access to 211 data for
researchers, government and other non-
● Collaboratively working to improve the 211 system across Canada

Findhelp seeks to meet the needs of our clients while paying attention to the unique requirements of our clients with disabilities under the lens of diversity, equality, and inclusion. Comments regarding how well those requirements are being met are welcomed. Feedback regarding the way Findhelp provides goods and services to people with disabilities can be made through our website’s “contact us”, in person, by telephone, through email, or by other means as required. Feedback sent through the website will be directed to the Manager, People & Culture. Feedback in person, by telephone or through email should be directed to:

Manager, People & Culture
Findhelp Information Services
1 St. Clair W. Ste. 1000 Toronto, ON M4V1K6
Phone: 416-392-4605 extension 102
TTY: 1-800-340-1001

Feedback will be used to improve client service, information and communication and employment standards. In addition, the author of the feedback will be provided with a response in the format in which the feedback was received. The feedback may outline actions deemed appropriate, if any. To request Findhelp’s accessibility policies, procedures and plans, please contact Manager, People & Culture as described above.

Findhelp | 211 Central Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022

Our Vision: People connected. Communities strengthened.

Our Mission: To create connections and solutions to build strong communities. 

Navigate Systems

Promote 211 as a front door into the social and human service ecosystem.

Enhance people’s access to community and services.

Build organizational sustainability and efficiency.

Improve outcomes for people and communities.

Illuminate Trends

Discover needs (including unmet needs).

Share insight into needs.

Evolve understanding of systems
(Findhelp’s and others).

Advance Change

Advance data to inform system change, policy, planning, research and online platform.

Contribute to system level impact.

Contribute to community level impact.

Service to Others -- Accountable -- Partnership -- Diversity

What we Stand for

Findhelp’s core values define what we stand for and how we operate, helping us to work together in the most fulfilling ways. We are passionate about providing service to others and through our actions demonstrate respect, empathy, honesty, integrity and trust.

We are accountable and uphold the highest professional standards. We value partnership. We work together bringing out the best in each other and creating strong working relationships. We value diversity in the broadest sense. We create an inclusive environment that celebrates individual differences. We respect people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills, and experience as individuals and team members. We treat clients with respect and fairness and expect the same in return.

Our Funders

We are deeply grateful to all of Findhelp’s funders for their many years of support, assistance and guidance. They have consistently understood and valued the expertise of Findhelp and its partners, and shared the goals of providing cost-effective and reliable service to the community. We could not deliver our broad range of services without them.

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