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Findhelp | 211 connects people to support when and how they need it through 24/7 multilingual navigation, crisis response, specialty helplines, online searches, and a comprehensive database of human and social services.


How we are supporting better outcomes for people and communities.


How we contribute to many incredible partnerships and transformative initiatives.

About Findhelp

Who we are, what we value and how we are evolving.

Toronto Community Crisis Service (TCCS) 

A Front Door into Mental Health Services in Toronto

The City of Toronto has reimagined its response to mental health crises, through community consultation and collaboration. It is shifting its focus to social determinants of health and proactive mental health support. Findhelp has partnered with the City, to offer an innovative service solution, rooted in community and driven by partnership.

Partner Spotlight

Learn more about this innovative new initiative.

211 Spotlight - 20 Years of 211 in Canada

20 years after collaborating to bring 211 to Canada, Findhelp has grown and flourished, expanding through specialty line services and partnering across North America.

Specialty Lines

211 is only one of the phone lines we answer at Findhelp. We are helping partners concentrate on their clients by serving their phone/chat-based triage and intake service.

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