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People Connected. Communities Strengthened.

Findhelp is a leading provider of information and referral services in Ontario and across Canada. We create connections and solutions to build strong communities. Findhelp connects people and agencies to human services and the social services system and assists all clients.

Programs and Services

Learn about our core services and activities. 211 is a pillar of our agency but we also provide a number of complementary services.

Innovations and Impact

Find out where Findhelp is contributing to a number of incredible and transformative initiatives

About Findhelp

Did you know Findhelp is over 70 years old? Find out more about where we came from and how we are evolving.


Learn more about this innovative new initiative.

211 Canada

There are 211s in every province and territory. We are part of an initiative to develop a national entity that will leverage the great work done locally but on a national scale.

Specialty Lines

211 is only one of the phone lines we answer at Findhelp. We are helping partners concentrate on their clients by serving their phone/chat-based triage and intake service.

Connect with Findhelp

We are interested in helping researchers, academics, government and sector partners in any way we can…