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The Toronto Community Crisis Service is an initiative of the City of Toronto. Primary partners are Findhelp | 211 Central, Gerstein Crisis Centre, TAIBU Community Health Centre, CMHA and 2 Spirited of the First Nations.

The Toronto Community Crisis Service (TCCS) is a new, alternate approach to responding to someone in crisis that focuses on health, prevention and well-being. The service provides an alternative to police enforcement, creating a community-based, client centred, trauma-informed response to non-emergency crisis calls and wellness checks.

This service aims to respond to the needs and desires of the communities most impacted by policing and establish trust and confidence in a new community-based response model.

The Toronto Community Crisis Service supports individuals 16 years of age and older, the service hours of operation are 24/7 in the pilot zones.

Findhelp | 211 Central is at the centre of this initiative. We take the referrals from 911 and work with the caller to de-escalate and schedule a visit from the mobile crisis teams.

Partnership is Key

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